Spring Cleaning for Your Loved Ones

With the passing of April 15th, and the beautiful weather finally rolling in, I am suddenly motivated to do some spring cleaning.  Now, if you know me, you know how rare it is for me to be motivated to actually clean.  But, I have found that this time of year is an excellent time not just to air out the sheets and clean the carpets, but to also go through legal and financial documents to make sure everything is in order.

This type of spring cleaning is not about scrubbing the nooks and crannies of the house, but rather about making sure that your loved ones have the information and documents they need to take care of you, should something happen.  The idea is to gather your key documents and information in one accessible place so that your trusted family members and friends have all the information they need to take care of you in the event of an emergency.  It can take months for your bills and bank statements to trickle in, especially if they are only produced quarterly or semi-annually.  In some cases, they may never come to the house, especially if you have selected to go paperless.

In this situation, it is vital to gather certain documents and information in one place so your loved ones have the information they need in order to take care of you, pay your bills, and make informed decisions about your care.  A delay of weeks or months could cause serious problems for you, especially if it is the difference in paying your mortgage.  In the next few articles, I’ll go through the types of documents and information you should gather.

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