Planning for Your and Other’s Care

“But I don’t have an estate.”

This is a common response I receive when I tell people I am an estate planning attorney.  People often give me this response because:  (1) they do not want to talk about death and dying, or (2) they do not think they have enough money to consider “estate planning.”

In short, this person is wrong.  Everyone has an estate, no matter the size.  This is because proper estate planning is not only about what happens to your stuff when you die.  Instead, the first goal of any estate plan should be about taking care of you now and in the future, while you are alive.

Estate planning at its core is really about taking care of people.

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Elder Law Defined

Elder law is an area of law that includes estate, public benefits, and end-of-life planning.  In contrast, estate planning is a narrow area only concerned with protecting and transferring your assets to your beneficiaries and heirs upon your death.  Traditional estate planning is based on the misconception that the only issue you need to plan for is what happens to your stuff when you die, and how to avoid paying taxes.

Elder law is more comprehensive.  It helps you plan to maintain your independence, puts a protective covering over your assets, helps you access resources to pay for medical care, and minimizes burden on your family and friends.  Continue reading “Elder Law Defined”

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